Power Electronics

Procedure to Test Efficiency of Battery Chargers

The California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program is funding a project to develop a test procedure that fairly and consistently measures the energy efficiency of battery charger systems commonly found in a wide array of electronic products. Because this test procedure could potentially be used in future battery charger energy efficiency specifications, the Energy Commission is urging all stakeholders (i.e., members of industry, domestic and international energy-efficiency researchers, and policy makers) to participate in the development process to ensure varying viewpoints are considered.

Stakeholders can engage in the process by attending the Energy Commission and Pacific Gas & Electric-sponsored Battery Charger System Technical Workshop on November 17 at Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco. At this workshop, Ecos Consulting and EPRI Solutions—the researchers leading this effort—will discuss the draft test procedure and present energy efficiency data on a variety of battery charging products. Stakeholders also will have ample opportunity to ask questions and provide input. There is no fee to attend the workshop. For more on this workshop, email [email protected] or visit www.efficientproducts.org.

Interested parties also can participate by downloading the current draft test procedure at www.efficientproducts.org and by sending comments on this document to [email protected] by Jan. 6, 2006. All workshop presentation materials and meeting minutes will be posted on this site by November 28. The final test procedure and a summary of posted comments will appear by line February 15.

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