Power Electronics

Powerwise Interface Open-Standard Specification

National Semiconductor Corp. and ARM have released PowerWise™ Interface (PWI) technology, jointly promoted as an open standard interface for system power management. PWI technology enables rapid deployment of advanced power management solutions in handheld electronic devices by providing an open, industrywide standard for the interconnect between digital processors and power management integrated circuits.

Today's portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, handheld gaming consoles and portable media players offer a host of new benefits for consumers. However, these benefits place a significant strain on the power budget. Designers now face the dilemma of having to reduce the power consumption of digital processors while simultaneously maximizing battery life. This dilemma has led to the development of more advanced power management solutions that dynamically reduce power consumption based on the application software workload and environmental conditions. PWI technology provides the hardware interconnect standard for universal deployment of such solutions.

For more information, visit www.pwistandard.org, www.national.com or www.arm.com.

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