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PowerDsine, Motorola Partnership Delivers First PoE SoC Chip

PowerDsine® recently announced availability of the new PD64012 12-Channel Power over Ethernet (PoE) Manager developed jointly with Motorola. The PD64012 is the first and only complete PoE solution on an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

The IEEE 802.3af-compliant chip is based on a winning-combination of PowerDsine's PoE market leadership and Motorola's SMARTMOS8™ technology, integrating power, analog and advanced digital logic functions into one device. Its use in Ethernet switches and midspans—an alternative for power-sourcing equipment—will allow next-generation network devices to share power and data over the same cable.

The PD64012 12-port Power over Ethernet Manager is designed by PowerDsine and Motorola to minimize the number of external components and reduce overall system costs. PowerDsine succeeded in reducing the number of components by 80% compared to previous generations of PoE solutions, simplifying switch vendors' test procedures and making the solution more reliable. With embedded power management, PD64012 enables Ethernet switches to use their power supply much more efficiently, enabling switch manufacturers to reduce the power supply unit cost up to 50%. Switch manufacturers can realize such dramatic cost reductions because each piece of silicon requires only four external components per port. Considered a major technological achievement, the solution integrates the per-channel Field Effect Transistor (FET) directly into the ASIC. PowerDsine and Motorola are the only companies worldwide to have accomplished this engineering feat.

For more information, visit www.powerdsine.com.

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