Power Electronics

Power Supply Vendor Achieves RoHS Compliance

Power supply vendor MTM Power GmbH recently announced it would change all its products to RoHS-conforming versions by the end of 2005, enabling MTM customers to achieve RoHS compliance in due time. Starting July 1, 2006, new electrical and electronic equipment put on the market cannot contain mercury, cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium as well as PBB and PBDE, according to the EU directive 2002/95/EG "RoHS.”

MTM Power’s production is affected by the ban on the previously mentioned substances. However, the components' suppliers have almost finished the conversion to lead-free production so that MTM Power mostly uses lead-free components.

At the beginning of December, MTM Power put into operation a lead-free soldering machine. For customers with special permission, MTM still provides lead-soldered products.

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