Power Electronics

Power Supply System Supports Next-generation Mobile Processors

Intersil Corp. recently introduced the ISL6260B multiphase core regulator and ISL6262 2-phase core regulator with integrated drivers. The ISL6260B is a multiphase regulator that uses external drivers and can be programmed as 1-, 2- or 3-phase.

When combined with Intersil’s ISL6208 gate driver, the ISL6260B forms the basis for a portable power supply system to power Intel’s latest CPU (central processing unit) family for the notebook market, enabling phase-dropping at intermediate load levels. Phase-dropping allows the device to be configured to alternate phases (2-phase to 1-phase, or 3-phase to 2-phase). The dynamic phase add-drop feature together with diode emulation mode at light load on the ISL6260B and ISL6262 maximize the efficiency over a wide load range to improve battery life.

These devices support both the lossless inductor DCR and the precision resistive methods of current sensing. They also maintain 0.5% system accuracy across temperature, and include a thermal monitor. Also included is a 7-bit voltage identification (VID) input, and the switching frequency is user-programmable. Both devices are available in versions that are Pb-free and RoHS-compliant. Requests for samples, pricing, and availability can be placed with Intersil.

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