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Power Supply Company Emerges With New Name, Funding and Technology

The power supply provider formerly known as GTI Power Systems is now ColdWatt Inc. In addition to the name change, the company has closed a round of $15.5 million Series A funding co-led by Austin Ventures and Matrix Partners. Existing investor GTI Ventures also contributed to the round. The funds will be used to further research and product development and expand sales and marketing activities.

ColdWatt has assembled a team of veteran talent from the power supply industry to commercialize power conversion technologies developed at Rockwell Scientific Co., an aerospace R&D lab based in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The company was seeded by GTI Ventures, a New York-based investment firm founded by Michael Schulhof, the former CEO of Sony USA.

ColdWatt is currently developing products that promise unmatched power efficiency, size and reliability. ColdWatt’s first products will be ac-dc and dc-dc converters for computing, networking, storage and telecom applications. These products will exploit innovations in integrated magnetics design that enable up to 50% reduction in the magnetics volume and up to 20% reduction in losses.

Meanwhile, improvements in circuit topology will permit up to 50% lower ripple for a given capacitance, while advances in switches deliver as much as another 20% reduction in converter losses. One of the products soon to be released will be an eighth-brick dc-dc converter that delivers 50-A output at 1.8 V while achieving 90% efficiency at full load.

For more information, visit www.coldwatt.com.

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