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Power Relay Family

Power Relay Family

Clare Inc.’s CPC1977J power OptoMOS® solid-state relay (SSR) is an optically coupled SSR capable of blocking voltages up to 600 V, has load current handling capability up to 4 A in free air, offers a low on-resistance of 1 Ω as well as a very low thermal resistance (0.45°C/W from junction to heatsink). With an appropriate heatsink, the CPC1977J is capable of handling more than 10 A.

The CPC1977J is the second member of a new family of power SSRs to be packaged in the unique i4-PAC™ pioneered by IXYS. This package enables Clare to offer the highest voltage/current SSR with the most efficient heat transfer characteristics in the smallest available form factor. The combination of Clare’s multichip packaging technology and the IXYS i4-PAC allows for easy scalability and flexibility for the addition of new power relay products. Due to the powerful combination of voltage and current ratings, the CPC1977J is ideal for use in a variety of applications, including motor controls, robotics, medical equipment, railroad and traffic controls, consumer appliances, industrial controls, test and measurement equipment, and I/O subsystems.

For more information, visit www.clare.com or www.ixys.com.

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