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Power MOSFETs Extend High-voltage Performance

With the introduction of its CoolMOS CP Series, Infineon Technologies expands its portfolio of high-voltage power MOSFETs with several devices targeting power factor correction (PFC) and pulse width modulation (PWM) circuitry in medium-level power supplies. These 600-V MOSFETs are expected to find use in telecomm equipment, notebook adapters and consumer appliances. These devices also claim the industry’s lowest figures-of-merit (RDS(ON) × QG) and gate-charge values for 600-V MOSFETs in the selected packages.

As with the previous generations of CoolMOS, the CP Series devices exploit the company’s superjunction technology to beat the “silicon limit line” and achieve low values of on-resistance and gate charge at high blocking voltages. The 600-V CoolMOS CP family achieves an area-specific figure-of-merit (on-resistance times silicon area) of approximately 2.4 Ωmm² of silicon. This allows the new devices to achieve on-resistance figures ranging from 125 mΩ to 385 mΩ, depending upon package type (see the table). Package options include the TO-220, TO-247, TO-252 D-PAK, TO-220 Fullpak (FP) and the TO-263 D2PAK.

The CoolMOS CP series is an extension of the previously announced CoolMOS CS series**, which targeted server applications. The CS Series devices offer on-resistance values as low as 99 mΩ in a TO-220 or TO-263 and 45 mΩ in a T0-247, which are even lower than the on-resistances specified by the CP Series MOSFETs. However, the CP devices specify lower values of gate charge, making them better suited to the target PFC and PWM applications, where higher switching frequencies may be encountered.

With the CP Series, output capacitance has been reduced from that of previous generation CoolMOS devices. For example, a comparison of the 199-mΩ CP Series FET with the older, 190-mΩ C3 Series FET reveals that the newer device reduces output capacitive losses by approximately 25% at 400 V. This improvement allows designers to lower gate drive losses and employ less expensive gate drivers.

The company plans to expand the CoolMOS family in the future by adding 500-V and 800-V devices. The CoolMOS CP series devices are now available. In the TO-220 package, in quantities of 100,000, typical unit pricing ranges from $0.70 to $1.80, depending on the device’s on-resistance specification.

CP Series of 600-V CoolMOS MOSFETs**

Part Number Package Type Max RDS(ON) (mΩ) Gate Charge, typ. (nC) Current Rating (A)
IPP60R125CP TO-220 125 53 25
IPW60R125CP TO-247 125 53 25
IPP60R165CP TO-220 165 39 21
IPW60R165CP TO-247 165 39 21
IPB60R165CP T0-263 165 39 21
IPP60R199CP TO-220 199 33 16
IPW60R199CP TO-247 199 33 16
IPP60R299CP TO-220 299 22 11
IPW60R299CP TO-247 299 22 11
IPD60R385CP TO-252 385 17 9
IPP60R385CP TO-220 385 17 9
IPW60R385CP TO-247 385 17 9

**TO-220 Fullpak versions (IPA60RxxxCP) will be available by the end of the year.

*For details on the CS Series, see “High Voltage MOSFET Technology,” Power Electronics Technology, April 2005, Data Points, available online at powerelectronics.com/mag/power_data_points_53/index.html. Also, see “Superjunction FETs Boost Efficiency in PWMs,” for details on the application of the CS series MOSFETs in an interleaved 2-transistor forward converter, available online at powerelectronics.com/mag/power_superjunction_fets_boost/index.html.

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