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Siliconix Inc., an 80.4%-owned subsidiary of Vishay Intertechnology Inc., has released a trio of 250-V n-channel TrenchFET® power MOSFETs that offer the lowest on-resistance available in the SO-8, PowerPAK® SO-8, and D2;PAK packages for this voltage rating.

The Si4434DY (LITTLE FOOT® SO-8), Si7434DP (PowerPAK SO-8), and SUM45N25-58 (D2PAK) are designed to serve as primary switches in dc-to-dc converters, including forward converters and half-bridge converters, as well as in ac-to-dc converters and inverters, for telecom power supplies, distributed architectures and miniature power modules.

They offer greatly improved on-resistance values compared with competing devices of the same size. The Si4434DY and Si7434DP both feature a maximum on-resistance value of 155 mΩ at a 10-V gate drive and typical gate charge value of 34 nC. In the low-thermal-resistance D2PAK package, the SUM45N25-58 features on-resistance on 58 mΩ, a gate charge value of 95 nC and a maximum junction temperature rating of 175°C.

For more information, visit www.vishay.com.

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