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The new DA9031 from Dialog Semiconductor Plc is an advanced power management controller IC designed to support high-performance multimedia applications in high-end personal digital assistants (PDAs) and wireless handsets based on the upcoming processor for portable computing platforms by Intel Corp., code-named Bulverde.

The DA9031 is a highly integrated, complete, single-chip power management controller IC connecting directly to the battery. It’s designed for the growing market of PDAs and wireless handsets capable of capturing and transmitting high-quality digital still pictures and video clips. Based on Dialog's proven mixed-signal, low-power CMOS technology, key features that make new controller ideal for such applications include:

  • A high-efficiency dc-dc buck converter supporting Intel® Dynamic Voltage Management (Intel DVM); this is important in adjusting the supply voltage according to processor operating frequency, enabling power consumption to be optimized according to the application being run.
  • Programmable white LED drivers with 20V boost converter to drive two channels of four LEDs very efficiently; this is an important feature for screen and keyboard backlights in the PDA and wireless handset
  • A 500mW 8Ω loudspeaker driver with volume and anti-pop control, for driving multimedia and other audio applications.

The chip provides stable, low-noise power supplies for all the core circuits within the PDA or handset, with its additional features including 13 high-performance low dropout programmable voltage regulators using Dialog's patented Smart Mirror™ technology; RTC (real-time clock) supply; boost converters for SIM card, USB interface and vibrator drivers. The DA9031 includes a programmable multimode battery charger for single cell, 4.2V lithium chemistry battery packs, and supports charging currents up to 1.4A.

Automatic charger detection and battery pack temperature monitoring are also included within this section of the device.

For more information, visit www.Dialog-Semiconductor.com.

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