Power Electronics

Power Management Company Completes Equity Financing

Potentia Semiconductor has completed $8 million of equity financing. Funding was provided by VenGrowth Private Equity Partners of Toronto, Ontario; Kodiak Venture Partners of Waltham, Massachusetts; and Teachers' Private Capital, the private equity arm of the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board. The investment has allowed Potentia to grow its sales and marketing organization as it continues to deliver a full portfolio of power management solutions to the global marketplace.

Potentia Semiconductor's President and CEO Danny Osadca said, "Power system designers are challenged to deliver more advanced system level power management functionality under ever-increasing board size constraints. Designers face these challenges in a world of shortened design times and lean design teams, and that's why Potentia is offering a new and more effective way of designing and implementing power management solutions."

"Potentia's configurable ICs and software tools help designers move from a time-consuming, error-prone, analog-based process to one that is fast, intuitive, software-assisted and digital," said Dave Furneaux, managing general partner at Kodiak Venture Partners. "More system-level benefits enable power designers to increase end-system availability and reliability, and in doing so, increase the value offered to customers."

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