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Power Integrations Expands IC Family

Power Integrations has expanded the TinySwitch-II, the company’s widely used low-power family of off-line switcher ICs. The two new family members, TNY263 and TNY265, extend the cost effectiveness of the highly integrated, energy-efficient, low-power IC family. Designers of a wider range of ac-dc chargers, adapters and open-frame power supplies can now benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of a TinySwitch-II solution.

The TNY263 offers a lower-cost, lower-power solution compared to TNY264 for universal input adapters up to 3.7 W or up to 7.5 W for 230-V input open frame designs. The TNY265 provides a cost optimum solution for power levels that fall in between the capabilities of existing TNY264 and TNY266 by addressing universal input adapters up to 5.5 W or up to 11 W for 230-V input open frame supplies. The TinySwitch-II family integrates a 700-V Power MOSFET, an oscillator with simple on/off control, and current limit and thermal protection circuitry onto a single CMOS chip. Other built-in features include auto-restart for short circuit and open-loop fault protection, frequency jittering for low EMI filtering cost, programmable line undervoltage detection and circuitry to eliminate audible transformer noise. Key parameters are designed with very tight tolerances and negligible temperature variation. The internal switching frequency of 132 kHz reduces transformer size, allowing the use of low cost EF12.6 or EE13 cores.

Using the company’s integrated EcoSmart technology, TinySwitch-II enables a power supply design with high standby efficiency and low no-load power consumption of less than 250 mW at 265-Vac input without a bias winding on the transformer. With an optional bias winding, no-load consumption can be further reduced to below 50 mW. Reduced energy waste during standby and no-load conditions allows designers to meet worldwide energy efficiency guidelines such as Energy Star, Blue Angel and the European Commission Code of Conduct.

Applications for the newest TinySwitch-II family members include battery chargers/adapters for personal electronics (cell phones, cordless phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players and handheld electronic games), home appliances, television standby and other auxiliary power supplies. Other TinySwitch-II devices also address DVD players, set-top boxes, PC standby, and open frame power supplies up to 23 W.

TinySwitch-II is supported by a number of design tools including a 24-page data sheet, Design Idea application circuits and the company’s power supply design software program, PI Expertä, all downloadable from the Power Integrations website. A Design Accelerator Kit (DAK-14A) containing an operational 3 W universal input ac-dc adapter, product samples, an engineering report (EPR-14), and other collateral is also available.

Pricing in 1000-piece quantities for TNY263P and TNY265P with the plastic DIP-8 package option is $0.69 and $0.80 per unit, respectively. A surface-mountable SMD-8 package option is also available. Production quantities are available four weeks ARO. The DAK-14A is available from the company’s distributors for $19.95 each.

For more information, visit www.powerint.com.

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