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Power Innovations Contributes to a 2002 Primetime Emmy

Power Innovations International Inc., supplier of Uninterruptible Power Quality (UPQTM) systems, has contributed to the winning of a 2002 Primetime Emmy. In the Emmy awards ceremony on September 14, 2002, Edward J. Greene received his 16th Emmy, this time for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety or Music Series or Special for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony.

The UPQ systems enhanced sound quality and protected sensitive electronic equipment from utility power fluctuations, such as spikes, dips, brownouts, noise, and frequency variations. The team of Greene, Patrick Baltzell, David Greene, Shaun Murphy, and Joel Iwataki was then able to deliver high-quality sound to more than 3 billion viewers and listeners around the world.

“The UPQ made a difference in the quality of sound coming from my electronic equipment” said Greene, an independent audio engineer. “Not only was my equipment protected and supplied with battery backup, but by filtering and conditioning utility power, the UPQ ensured perfect sound. Excess noise and skips caused by utility power were eliminated completely.” Greene further noted that the UPQ system provided battery backup to equipment when the power failed during rehearsal.

Doug Robinson, system engineer for Power Innovations, worked closely with Greene as a volunteer during the Olympics. Robinson said, “Not only did the UPQ assist Ed, but the system also ensured quality power for the audio feed to all of the radio and television networks broadcasting the event globally.”

The photo, above, shows Greene at his equipment, mixing sound as he's done for nearly 50 years. Since the Olympics, he has continued using the UPQ to protect his equipment and ensure high-quality perfect power. Recently, Greene’s work has been focused on television sound engineering for high-profile live events.

For more information, contact www.power-innovations.com.

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