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Power Factor Corrector Evaluation Board

TT Electronics BI Technologies recently released its Power Factor Corrector (PFC) Evaluation Board, providing a nearly complete PFC front end. The new PFC contains all of the necessary control and power circuitry, along with the required inductor assembled onto a compact board; only the EMI power line filter need be added, when required. Capable of handling up to 3 kW of power, the ready-to-run board accepts 85 to 265 Vrms input voltage at 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

With correction to near unity power factor and better than 95% efficiency (depending on line and load), this circuit can be easily incorporated into designers’ products, or serve as an experimental springboard for their own circuits.

The Evaluation Board incorporates BI Technologies’ 7720 Series Power Factor Correction Module, which consolidates the required input bridge rectifier, high speed/low resistance FET, ultra high-speed diode, and an over-temperature detector into a single component. The module’s unique design reduces costs associated with a heat sink and saves significant space and assembly time.

Standard applications for the 7720 Series PFC Module include switching power supplies from 500 W to 3000 W, motor drives, power servo amplifiers, and anywhere reactive loads may be present.

Typical pricing for a single unit is $199 with delivery from stock to three weeks. Pricing of the 7720 Series of Power Factor Correction Modules starts at under $20 in OEM quantities.

For more information, visit www.bitechnologies.com.

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