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Power Electronics Technology Completes 30-Year Magazine Archive

Power Electronics Technology Completes 30-Year Magazine Archive

The staff of Power Electronics Technology has created an electronic archive of the magazine that spans three decades of publication and is offering this content to readers on a single, searchable DVD. The “30 Years of Power Electronics Technology” DVD encompasses the complete contents of the magazine from the magazine’s inception in 1975 through November of 2005.

With over 2000 design articles representing all areas of power supply and power system design, including motion control, this disc is meant as a comprehensive and highly practical reference for any engineer working in the field of power electronics. The project to complete the DVD was underwritten by National Semiconductor.

Users can access design articles by subject, title and issue indexes, or through keyword searches. In addition, all of the nonindexed content—which includes product and technology news, commentaries, show coverage, buyers guides and advertisements—can be accessed via keyword searches. Furthermore, users may browse the issues via the issue index. The simplest way to do so is by opening an article within a given issue and then paging up or down through the issue.

Every magazine page has been scanned in color with 300 dpi resolution and saved in the PDF format. Consequently, the reading or browsing experience is similar to having the actual print issues in hand.

The DVD’s subject index is based on the six major categories currently used on the Power Electronics Technology website to categorize content. Those six major categories are Discrete Semiconductors, Power Management, Portable Power Management, Passive Components/Packaging, Thermal Management and Power Systems.

Within these categories, there are numerous subcategories that have been used to index the design articles. For example, users will find categories for popular topics such as Switch-Mode Power Supplies, Digital Power Control, Portable Power Management, Motor Power Management (over 600 design articles), Magnetics (over 250 articles), Thermal Management (100+ articles), Simulation/Modeling and numerous other subcategories. A full list of these subcategories is available on the Power Electronics Technologyhomepage (scroll down to “Topic Index”.)

Prior to the completion of this archive, only articles appearing in print since January 2001 were available in electronic form at the Power Electronics Technology website. The DVD encompasses several incarnations of the magazine. It first appeared as Solid-State Power Conversion (1975-1979), then as PowerConversion International (1979-1985), Power Conversion & Intelligent Motion (1985-1987), PCIM Power Conversion & Intelligent Motion (1988-1998), PCIM Power Electronic Systems (1998-2001) and finally as Power Electronics Technology (2001 to present).

Readers may purchase the DVD at the BuyPrism website or by calling 800-543-7771. (Outside the U.S. call 913-967-1719.) Individual copies of the DVD are priced at $149.95 with discount pricing available for orders of 10 or more copies.

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