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Power Converter for Photovoltaic Market

Ballard Power Systems’ new 75-kW Ecostar power converter is specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) applications. The only 75-kW grid-tie utility interactive power inverter available to PV customers, the Ecostar power converter combines superior inverter and transformer efficiency with ease of installation and use. Based on proven, state-of-the art technology, the Ecostar power converter offers customers improved reliability and a reduced payback period for their product investment when compared to incumbent technologies.

With peak transformer efficiency of 98.4%, system-operating losses reduced to 25 W and continuous power output at full load, the Ecostar power converter is one of the most efficient commercial inverters available in North America. Ballard offers a 5-year extended warranty for parts and labor and is listed by the California Energy Commission. Key benefits of the Ecostar power converter include:

  • Nighttime isolation: the inverter automatically disconnects from the grid and isolates the power transformer when there is no power from the PV array; further, it automatically “wakes up” when the sun reappears, thus eliminating nighttime transformer losses.
  • Patented software algorithms: offers reliable grid-parallel operation, anti-islanding and over/under frequency and voltage protections
  • Highly efficient maximum power-point tracking: operates independently of PV cell technologies and fill-factors for maximum installation flexibility and reduced operating costs.
  • Liquid cooling: increases system reliability and inverter life cycle.

For more information, visit www.ballard.com.

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