Power Electronics

Power Analyzers

XITRON’s single-phase (Model 2551) and 3-phase (Model 2553) general-purpose power analyzers are the latest in a series of high-performance tools to measure power, frequency and harmonics in electronics engineering and production test equipment.

The analyzers provide a combination of speed, precision and ease of use. The performance power and amplitude measurements (with a base accuracy of 0.1%) are automatically synchronized to the fundamental frequency. Each analyzer features a 6-key front panel with four “soft keys” menu buttons to simplify the selection of measurements and capture waveforms with true 400-point precision.

Waveforms can be displayed or output at full resolution directly to a PCL printer. IEEE488 interface is standard with each analyzer. These units use 16-bit A-Ds that sample up to 220 K samples/second.

The graphics display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphics and history plots. Both models measure up to 1500-V peak and 40-A peak internally (up to 10,000 A with the use of external current transducers). The 3-phase analyzer operates on dc at bandwidths of 20-mHz to 80-KHz frequency range, with the single-phase power analyzer to 100-KHz frequency range.

For more information, visit www.xitron-tech.com.

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