Power Electronics

Power Analyzer Software Option for High Definition Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy introduces its Power Analyzer software option for the HDO4000 and HDO6000 High Definition Oscilloscopes, which enables easy measurement and powerful analysis of the operating characteristics of power conversion devices and circuits. With the software, the HDO oscilloscopes analyze all aspects of switched-mode power devices with tools for automatic power loss measurements, control loop modulation analysis, and line power harmonics testing, all within a streamlined user interface that simplifies probe and measurement setup.

For analysis of power losses in switching devices or circuits, the Power Analyzer software automatically detects and measures turn-on, turn-off, conduction, and off state losses. A unique color-coded overlay annotates the power waveform and identifies all areas of power losses. The Safe Operating Area (SOA) plot shows in-circuit behavior of the power device under test to quickly identify any transitions near the peak power limits. The dedicated interface handles proper probe setup to eliminate sources of error associated with probing.

Control loop analysis evaluates the loop dynamics of switched-mode power devices, plotting the variation of pulse width, duty cycle, period, or frequency. This analysis mode takes advantage of the HDOs' long memory of up to 250 Mpts to capture control loop performance during startup.

Pre-compliance testing of line power harmonics is performed to the EN61000-3-2 standard. Voltage, current, and line harmonics may be viewed simultaneously. Mask testing reports when harmonics are outside the allowable range and all results are summarized in a table. Power Analyzer software for the HDO4000 and HDO6000 High Definition Oscilloscopes is priced at $1,700.

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