Power Electronics

Power & Analog Electronics - Nationwide Opportunities - $75K-$200K


At Power Technology Associates, Inc., we’re revolutionizing staffing in the power electronics industry. Our www.PowerCareers.com web site brings today’s best career opportunities to the fingertips of professionals in Power Conversion, Power IC, Analog and Motion Control Electronics.

Power & Analog Electronics
Nationwide Opportunities - $75K - $200K

  • Power IC Design Management
  • Power IC Design Engineers
  • Power IC Product Line Management
  • Field Applications Engineers
  • Factory Applications Engineers
  • Technical Marketing Engineers
  • Technical Sales Managers
  • Automotive Systems Engineers
  • Thermal CFD Engineers
  • Electronic & Ballast Design
  • Power Supply Design Engineers
  • High Voltage Electronics
  • Embedded Firmware Design
  • E/M Packaging Engineers
  • Analog Circuit Engineers
  • Motion Control Electronics
  • High Power Inverter Development
  • Magnetics/Transformer Development
  • Contract/Consulting Engineers
  • RF Electronics Engineers
Power Technology Associates, Inc. has been leading the industry for over 20 years. So log on to www.PowerCareers.com today and log on to success!


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