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PMU Integrates Major Functions for Handheld Devices

PMU Integrates Major Functions for Handheld Devices

6/3/2003 PMU Integrates Major Functions for Handheld Devices The AS3601 from austriamicrosystems offers an effective price and performance solution by integrating all major functions for handheld devices: dc-dc step-up and step-down converters, LDOs, a battery charger/fuel gauge, general purpose I/Os (GPIOs), features such as white LED drivers, and an audio amplifier—all on a single chip. Due to the high integration level, it consumes 60% less PCB space and costs 50% less than comparable solutions.

Real time software control of all functions and regulators using a serial interface provides flexibility, enabling the IC to fully adapt to the system configuration and to optimally manage the power supply. Using a single external resistor, any one of eight factory-preset sequences can be selected to optimize the startup procedure. Custom startup sequences can be mass-programmed to meet the demands of a variety of product designs and end markets.

The fully integrated and programmable dc-dc converter can either directly supply low voltage controller cores or act as a pre-regulator to the LDOs, increasing the overall power efficiency. The realized dynamic power control concept directly targets the upcoming 0.18 µm and 0.13 µm baseband controllers. Each of the 10 high performance LDOs can be programmed individually over a wide voltage range with precision resolution down to 50 mV.

For more information, visit www.austriamicrosystems.com.

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