Power Electronics

Platinum-Diffused Diodes

International Rectifier’s new 600-V rated 60APU06 and 60EPU06 platinum (Pt) are diffused ultrafast recovery epitaxial diodes. The platinum diffusion process accurately controls charge carrier lifetime. The ability to set or adjust diode recovery (speed) characteristics enables optimized performance and efficiency. Applications include output rectification in industrial switch-mode power supplies, such as high frequency and ac TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding machines in the 80-A to 200-A dc output range, where 600-V devices are recommended due to voltage spikes. Multiple diodes can be placed in parallel for higher current ratings.

The new diodes expand the IR discrete FRED Pt portfolio, and now include devices with 200-V, 300-V, 400-V and 600-V blocking voltages, and 8-A to 60-A average current ratings at various speeds. The new platinum devices have a 600-V rating and a “soft” recovery current waveshape to reduce or eliminate the need for snubber components. Forward voltage and recovery charge characteristics (trr = 34ns) are optimized to allow high current operation at switching frequency above 50 kHz. Low forward-voltage drop reduces conduction losses and low reverse recovery energy reduces switching losses. All features combine to reduce power dissipation, operating temperature, size and weight, while increasing power supply efficiency and reliability.

For more information, visit www.irf.com.

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