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Platinum Associates Wins Artesyn Franchise

Artesyn Technologies Inc. has appointed Platinum Associates as its representative in Southern California based on its network of support offices throughout the region, its complementary semiconductor and passive component franchises and strong relationships with California OEMs.

“Platinum's franchises, which include core silicon components such as FPGAs that drive new design projects, are closely aligned with the IT, telecom and datacom OEMs that comprise a large percentage of our market," says Steve Nolan, VP of Artesyn Worldwide Sales. “Their synergistic lines will enable us to establish relationships with the OEMs very early in the development cycle, which typically result in more cost-effective power architectures because of the rapidly-evolving nature of DC-DC converter technology."

Platinum Associates is a front-line sales organization that works with both the manufacturer and the account base to deliver effective supply solutions for the evolving electronic design environment. It operates from three regional offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and Irvine, Calif., providing a local and responsive service for its Southern California client base.

For more information, visit www.platinumassoc.com.

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