Power Electronics

PICOmini™ Transistors

The PICOmini™ Family of surface-mount devices from Central Semiconductor Corp. are the company’s next generation of smaller, higher density discrete semiconductors. Available in the SOT-563 package, they feature the same small signal specifications as the larger SOT-363 or SOT-26 devices, but require less circuit board space.

The first devices to be released are the CMLT series of small signal transistors packaged in the SOT-563 package, including:

  • CMLT2222A—Dual NPN Transistors
  • CMLT2907A—Dual PNP Transistors
  • CMLT2207—Complementary NPN and PNP Transistors
  • CMLT3904E—Dual NPN Transistors w/ Enhanced Specifications
  • CMLT3906E—Dual PNP Transistors w/ Enhanced Specifications
  • CMLT3946E—Complementary NPN and PNP Transistors w/ Enhanced Specifications
  • CMLT5088E—Dual Low Noise NPN Transistors w/Enhanced Specifications
  • CMLT5087E—Dual Low Noise PNP Transistors w/Enhanced Specifications
  • CMLT5078E—Complementary Low Noise NPN & PNP Transistors w/ Enhanced Specifications

Specifications for these products can be found in the New Products/Latest Updates section of Central’s website at www. centralsemi.com/new.

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