Power Electronics

PICOmini Schottky Diodes

Central Semiconductor Corp.’s CMLSH-4 and CMLSH-4DO PICOmini surface-mount Schottky diodes are rated at 40-V (max) peak repetitive reverse voltage, with a peak repetitive reverse current of 350 mA (max) and low-forward voltage drop of 0.42 V (max) per device.

In addition to the superior VF specification, both devices exhibit a fast trr of 5 nS (max). This next-generation of smaller, higher density discrete semiconductors is optimal for portable handheld electronic devices requiring superior performance and reliability in the smallest possible package. These PICOmini diodes in the SOT-563 package boast the same small signal specifications as the larger SOT-363 or SOT-26 devices, but require less circuit board space.

The CMLSH Series Schottky diodes are manufactured in two configurations:

  • CMLSH-4—Two individual diodes, isolated in parallel.
  • CMLSH-4DO—Two individual diodes, with opposing anodes and cathodes.

These devices also have a nominal profile of 0.58 mm and are SUBONE™ certified. SUBONE certified devices feature a profile of less than 1 mm.

For more information, visit www.centralsemi.com.

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