Power Electronics

Phihong Opens European Headquarters

Phihong recently acquired a new facility in Tiverton, U.K., to house the company’s headquarters and R&D facilities. The sales and engineering support staff will be positioned to accommodate growth and growing demand in 2004.

The 5,000-sq ft facility is conveniently located near the Bristol airport and engineering universities in Bath, Bristol and Exeter. The move will provide easier access to Phihong’s headquarters for European customers.

“By expanding the European headquarters, we are supporting Phihong’s commitment to provide superior customer service in Europe,” said Steve Smith, European sales director. “Our goal in expanding the R&D team is to increase our capabilities to match our major customers’ demands for complete power solutions. Phihong strives to develop custom solutions that offer high reliability and superior quality at a low cost.”

For more information, visit www.phihong.com.

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