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PE Technology Features Special Report on Magnetic Components in May 2002 Issue

If there’s one characteristic of magnetic components today, it’s that they are shrinking—particularly for dc-dc converters and portable battery-based systems. Contributing to this evolution of smaller sizes are continued improvements in planar magnetics, which deliver low-profile transformers and inductors. In addition, new and improved core materials provide higher frequency performance while remaining out of saturation. Plus, many magnetic components are now available in surface-mount versions.

Look for the following articles in your May 2002 issue of Power Electronics Technology covering these characteristics and other important aspects of circuit design with magnetic components:

  • "Ferrite Material Improves High Frequency Magnetics," by Andrej Znidarsic, Iskra Feriti, and Miha Drofenik, Institut Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Sloveniap;

  • "Sorting Out Losses in High Frequency Magnetic Design," by Dick Devlin, ZMAN Magnetics, Inc., Hillsboro, Ore.;

  • "Distributors Prepare for Future Applications," by Chris Spadafora, Eastern Components, W. Conshohocken, Pa.; and

  • "Planar Magnetics Technology:Reshaping Power Supplies," by Dr. Lev Reznik, Payton Group International, Rishon Le Zion, Israel.

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