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Overland Park, KS. – PRIMEDIA’s PCIM Power Electronics Systems magazine has changed its name to Power Electronics Technology, beginning with its October 2001 issue. The name change was officially announced at PRIMEDIA’s PowerSystems World Conference and Exhibit, which was held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois in September.

Sam Davis, editor of PRIMEDIA’s Power Electronics Technology says, “The changes will incorporate a new design and format as well as new columns and departments. The mission and focus of the magazine will remain the same.”

PRIMEDIA’s Power Electronics Technology will feature columns that examine key editorial topics. Monthly design engineering columns will cover CAD/CAE, power supply design and thermal management. In 2002, four scheduled special reports will focus on key technology developments: power semiconductors, magnetics, passive components and thermal management.

Phil Musser, chief editor states, “The new columns and the integration of four new special reports will enable us to reach our readers with a more focused approach.”

Every issue of the magazine includes these popular subjects: power semiconductor technology, power supply design, motor drive design, thermal management, magnetics circuit design, passive component technology, power electronics sensor technology, EMC and power protection, power electronics system design, battery-based system technology and power electronics test equipment.

In addition to changing the name of the print product, a new Web site address will also be launched. The new Web address, which will contain the latest information regarding power electronics, is www.powerelectronics.com, and will launch in the fourth quarter of 2001.

The publication began as Solid State Power Conversion in 1975, and was later renamed Power Conversion International. In 1985, it became Power Conversion & Intelligent Motion, or PCIM, and thirteen years later, in 1998, it became PCIM Power Electronic Systems.

ABOUT PRIMEDIA PRIMEDIA is the new tradition in media. With 2000 sales of $1.7 billion from a unique combination of traditional and new media properties, it is the leading targeted content and integrated marketing solution in both the consumer and business-to-business sectors. The Company is the #1 special interest magazine publisher in the US., with more than 230 titles such as Seventeen, New York, Fly Fisherman, American Baby, Telephony, American Demographics; the #1 producer and distributor of specialty video with 18 satellite and digital video product lines, including, Channel One Network; and the #1 news and information group on the Internet, with over 1,000 special interest web sites led by About.com. PRIMEDIA's stock symbol is: NYSE: PRM. More information about the Company can be found at www.primedia.com.

Barry LeCerf, Group Publisher – Phone: 913-967-1853 – [email protected]

J. Andrew Van Sciver, Publisher – Phone: 805-933-1969 – [email protected]

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