Power Electronics

Partnership Offers PoE Midspans to Federal Agencies

PowerDsine (www.powerdsine.com), a provider of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, has partnered with Westcon Group’s Comstor Division to provide PowerDsine products on its #GS-35F-4389G GSA contract. Accordingly, Comstor is now authorized to supply the federal government with PowerDsine’s 6500 PoE Midspans. PowerDsine's Midspan products may reduce infrastructure costs associated with deployment VoIP phones, Wireless LAN Access Points and IP-based network cameras.

PowerDsine will work closely with Comstor to create awareness of the benefits of the 6500 PoE Midspan solution. Comstor and PowerDsine will focus on federal agencies active in the IP telephony, wireless LAN and IP surveillance markets.

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