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Partnership to Deliver Thermal Solutions Globally

Degree Controls, a provider of thermal and airflow solutions and Atherm, a provider of thermal solutions using liquid cooling, have formed a global alliance to provide customers with solutions to managing their airflow and cooling requirements. This partnership provides assurances to global customers that their cooling and airflow requirements and support will be mutually met and solved by Degree Controls and Atherm. In addition, this alliance strengthens technical efforts around technologies from both companies and offers a solution to managing customer needs.

Headquartered in Milford, N. H., Degree Controls is a developer and manufacturer of thermal management solutions and sensing products for the U.S. and foreign telecom, medical, military and critical containment enclosure market. DegreeC is a private ISO 9001 registered company founded in 1997 and offers thermal testing, analysis, and design services; precision airflow instruments and sensors; and volume assembly of proprietary thermal management controllers, intelligent fan trays and custom high performance heat sinks—available both as custom-designed and standard solutions.

Atherm, located in Domene, France, is a world leader in developing thermal solutions using liquid cooling and heat pipe technology. Atherm delivers full package solutions from thermal design through product capabilities for medical, railway, military and industry business. Founded in 1988, Atherm, an ISO 9001 registered company, receives 30% of its revenue from foreign projects.

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