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Partnership to Deliver DC Power Systems in Europe

Valere Power, a leading U.S.-based provider of dc power systems for the telecommunications services industry, announced it has signed a European reseller and joint development agreement with the Powerbox Group of Gnesta, Sweden.

The agreement significantly expands Valere's distribution and product development resources in Europe. Under the agreement, Valere will leverage Powerbox's development resources to deploy a full European product portfolio. Powerbox will also sell the company's Compact DC Power System and Enterprise DC Power System as standalone systems, as well as with Powerbox's own power distribution and cabinets for a custom-designed solution for the European market.

"Telecom providers throughout Europe need the reliability and efficiency of a new generation of power system technology because the broadband and wireless networks they power are becoming increasingly critical to the personal and business lives of their customers," said Andy Marsh, Valere Power president and CEO. "With Powerbox as our partner, Valere gets wide distribution, market expertise, and a great reputation to help us take advantage of this market opportunity." The Powerbox Group will sell the systems through its power reseller arm, Craftec, which has a solid history with industrial, marine/automotive and medical customers, and will expand its vertical market reach to include communications OEMs with the systems from Valere.

"We have a unique sales network in Europe when it comes to power," said Per O. Mannerford, CEO and president of the Powerbox Group. "Our partnership with Valere will deliver a distinctive and powerful solution that gives us the necessary power infrastructure to meet the demands of our customers in many industries."

The Compact and Enterprise dc power systems offer up to 300 A of power in a 3.5-in. high (2U) package, representing a 50% decrease in system size, and are ideal for powering remotely located networking and telecommunications equipment. Valere has grown rapidly over the last year as carriers seek the company's compact and more efficient power plant for new enterprise, DSL and 3G networks. Valere is rapidly establishing operations throughout Europe by building its own direct sales force and teaming with leading European power systems resellers and integrators like Powerbox.

For more information, visit www.valerepower.com or www.powerbox.info.

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