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Partnership Channels Advanced Rectifiers into Chinese Telecom Market

Valere Power has formed a strategic partnership with China Wuhan Putian Group Corp., a leading supplier of dc power systems to China’s major telecom operators. The partnership allows Wuhan Putian to integrate Valere’s rectifiers into its next-generation power systems for Chinese service providers.

System development began earlier this year and was completed in August. Putian has obtained comprehensive qualifications and certifications for the system, which is currently available. Beginning in early 2006, all Wuhan Putian systems will exclusively feature Valere Power rectifiers.

A signing ceremony was held in Wuhan, China, on September 26, attended by Andy Marsh, president and CEO of Valere Power, Yang Aimin, president and CEO of Wuhan Putian Group Corp., and other senior executives of the companies, along with city officials of Wuhan city and the Wuhan economic development zone.

A subsidiary of China Putian Group, China Wuhan Putian Group Corp. (formerly known as China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Corp.) was originally formed in 1993 and offers complete dc power systems to telecom service providers.

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