Power Electronics

Overvoltage Protection ICs Operate Up to 72 V

The MAX16010-MAX16014 from Maxim Integrated Products are overvoltage protection circuits designed for systems with high transient voltages such as those found in automotive, industrial and telecommunication applications. These devices operate from 5.5 V to 72 V, and can be configured to provide overvoltage, undervoltage or window monitoring while consuming only 20 µA of quiescent current.

The MAX16010 and MAX16011 have two independent comparators for monitoring both overvoltage and undervoltage conditions. The MAX16010 provides complementary enable inputs, while the MAX16011 offers an active-high enable input and a logic input to invert one of the two outputs.

Offering greater design flexibility, the MAX16012 has a comparator providing access to both inverting and noninverting inputs, along with a reference output. The device can be configured to monitor either overvoltage or undervoltage conditions.

The MAX16013 and MAX16014 are overvoltage protection circuits capable of driving two external p-channel MOSFETs to prevent reverse battery and overvoltage conditions. The MAX16014 also features a latch-off feature to keep the load disconnected until the power is recycled.

All devices are offered in a 3-mm × 3-mm TDFN package. Prices for these devices start at $1.08 for 1000-unit quantities.

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