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OTI Releases ETAP 4.7 Demo

OTI Releases ETAP 4.7 Demo

Operation Technology Inc. (OTI) recently released the ETAP 4.7 Demo. For the first time, ETAP PowerStation Management System (PSMS) has been added on the demo CD along with ETAP PowerStation. This provides the opportunity to experience both PowerStation's off-line simulation and the on-line, real-time power analysis capabilities of PSMS.

The new demo allows users to explore the software using four different sample projects. Within the demo, users can modify one-line diagrams, run system studies, and graphically view results, just like the full version. The ETAP 4.7 Demo also includes new, user-friendly functions such as online instructional tutorials, a subject index, and a built-in keyword search.

For more information, visit www.etap.com.

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