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Osprey Launches Alloys with D-TecH


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Osprey Launches Alloys with D-TecH

Osprey Metals recently signed an agreement with D-TecH to promote the sale of Al-Si and Si-Al alloys (Osprey CE Alloys) in New England and the Mid Atlantic States.

"We are excited by this opportunity," said Dennis Hanley, president of D-TecH. "Osprey's CE Alloys unique properties and low cost are enabling new products and adding significant value to existing designs in both military and commercial applications. CE Alloys are up to 10% lighter than aluminum, offer tailored coefficient of thermal expansion in the range 7ppm/°C to 17ppm/°C, and are a practical alternative to a range of materials, including CuW, CuMo and AlSiC. D-TecH is impressed by Osprey's commitment to customer service, materials knowledge and expertise, and pleased to offer such important benefits to customers in our area."

For more information, visit www.ospreymetals.com.

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