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Oscilloscope Solution for Industrial Power Market

To ease industrial power measurements, Tektronix Inc. has added industrial power specific capabilities to its new TPS2000 series digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs). The new TPS2PBND power bundle, an industrial power option to complement the new TPS2000 Series DSOs, contains four of the new P5120 passive high-voltage probes and the new TPS2PWR1 power measurement and analysis software. The combination will improve the productivity of industrial power designers and technicians by providing more of the capabilities they need within a single instrument.

Industrial power users often work on devices that are floating or have different grounds and regularly measure high voltages and currents as well as validate advanced control logic designs. They need measurement instruments that provide accurate performance on up to four channels simultaneously. What’s more, they need an instrument that can easily move between the benchtop, the power lab and the field. The TPS2000 models with the TPS2PBND option are the first instruments to address these needs, claims the manufacturer. According to Tektronix, they are the first oscilloscopes in the industry to enable high-voltage, power-specific measurements with four isolated channels in a compact, battery-powered package.

“The TPS2PBND marks our re-entrance into the industrial power market,” said Bob Bluhm, general manager, Tektronix Inc. "The combination of these features in a single instrument makes these the first oscilloscopes in the industry to enable high-voltage, power-specific measurements on four isolated channels from bench to power lab to field,” added Bluhm.

New TPS2PWR1 power measurement and analysis software improves productivity by reducing development and test time with the broadest range of power-specific measurements at its price point, such as switching loss (including turn-on, turn-off and conduction losses), harmonic measurements to the 50th harmonic, and dv/dt and di/dt cursor measurements. TPS2PWR1 software eliminates the need for manual calculations with automated power analysis, waveform analysis and phase analysis with true power, reactive power, peak power, power factor, crest factor and phase tektronix.

For more information, visit www.tektronix.com.

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