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One-Eighth Brick IBA Bus Converter

Power-One Inc. introduces the 240-W SQT48T20120 one-eight-brick bus converter. With an efficiency of 96%, this Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) compatible product provides what is believed to be the industry’s highest power density in a one-eighth or quarter-brick package, up to 300 W/in3. The SQT48T20120 operates from a regulated 48-Vdc (42-Vdc to 53-Vdc) input to provide a 4-to-1 proportional-ratio 12-Vdc output.

This optimized bus converter provides superior performance at elevated temperatures with minimal derating. In conditions of 70°C, 200 LFM airflow, and 48-Vdc input, these converters are still capable of delivering up to 210 W—a level of performance that exceeds some 300-W quarter-bricks. For higher output current requirements, these devices can also be paralleled.

The SQT48T20120’s 0.896-in. × 2.30-in. × 0.374-in. open-frame package doesn’t require a heat sink and is assembled with 100% automation. Additional features include compliance to the basic insulation requirements of EN60950, remote ON/OFF, no minimum-load operation and an onboard input-differential LC filter. Protection features include input undervoltage lockout, thermal shutdown, overvoltage and overcurrent.

In quantities of 1000 pieces, the SQT48T20120 is priced at $40.00. Samples and production are available now. A 5-to-1 ratio version rated at 25 A will soon be available.

For more information, visit www.power-one.com.

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