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International Rectifier’s (IR's) new WARP2™ 600 V 50 A, 35 A, and 20 A non-punch through (NPT) IGBTs feature improved turn-off characteristics for high-current, high-frequency switchmode power supply (SMPS) circuits in telecom and server systems. Offering performance and efficiency with a better price-to-performance value than power MOSFETs, they are co-packaged with HEXFRED diodes, which enable better performance compared to the integral body diodes in power MOSFETs. They are available in the TO-247 and TO-220 packages.

WARP2 IGBTs are made with IR's thin wafer technology, which ensures shorter minority carrier depletion time and hence faster turn-off. In addition, negligible turn-off tail current and low turn-off switching loss, or EOFF, enables designers to achieve higher operating frequencies.

The improvement in switching performance, combined with positive thermal coefficient characteristics and the lower gate turn-on charge, enables higher current density. They exhibit excellent current sharing properties like power MOSFETs when operated in parallel. Unlike power MOSFETs, the conduction losses of these IGBTs remain essentially flat.

The new SMPS NPT IGBTs handle as much as 50 A in the TO-247 package, which is 85% more current capacity compared to IR's 600 V MOSFET in the same package, and up to 20 A in TO-220 package, or 18% more current capacity compared to IR's 600 V MOSFET in a TO-220 package.

For more information, visit www.irf.com.

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