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Nonisolated DC-DC Converters

Tyco Electronics Power Systems' new 3-A Austin MiniLynx Series of dc-dc nonisolated converters is available with an input voltage range of 2.4 Vdc to 5.5 Vdc or 8.3 Vdc to 14 Vdc. Those with the latter input range are designed to support intermediate bus voltage architectures and point-of-load (POL) currents up to 3 A with an output voltage range from 0.75 Vdc to 5.5 Vdc. The 3.3/5 Vin Austin MiniLynx converters support output voltages from 0.75 Vdc to 3.3 Vdc with output current capacity up to 3 A without any thermal derating at 85°C and zero airflow. Efficiencies of 91% for the 12 Vin modules and 94% for 5 Vin modules are achieved when tested at nominal input conditions and full rated output current.

Offered in SMT packages, both versions are pin-for-pin compatible with the widely used 5-A Austin MicroLynx converters. With output voltage programming by an external resistor, the Austin MiniLynx modules have remote on/off (negative or positive) capability, making it easier for designers to implement power on/off control.

The Austin MiniLynx converters measure just 0.80 in. × 0.45 in. × 0.286 in. (20.3 mm × 11.4 mm × 7.27 mm). Pricing for Austin MiniLynx converters in quantities of 1000 pieces starts at $4.28. Samples are available now.

For more information, visit www.power.tycoelectronics.com.

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