Power Electronics

Niobium Oxide Multi-Anode Capacitors

AVX Corp. has developed a new Niobium Oxide Multi-anode (NOM) capacitor, designed to deliver low ESR, high capacitance, high-ripple current capacitor performance. Designated the OxiCap Series, this family of capacitors uses advanced technology to provide design engineers with a safe (non-burning) high-resistance failure mode. The OxiCap NOM features a multi-anode configuration in a standard “E” (7343-43) case package.

Suitable for power supply decoupling and high-speed data processing applications where very high capacitance and ultralow ESR are required, these capacitors provide excellent electrical characteristics with ESR down to 30 mΩ. The OxiCap Series is ideal for filling the performance gap between ceramic multilayer capacitors and aluminum electrolytics.

OxiCap capacitors provide design engineers with a readily available alternative anode material. Niobium Oxide is a low-density material, thereby providing lighter overall package weight. In addition, the multi-anode cap replaces up to three single anode caps, delivering higher performance while reducing board space and placement costs.

The OxiCap Series solves the problems of capacitance drop and dc leakage encountered with aluminum electrolytics. A single OxiCap capacitor exhibits ESR values that normally would require up to ten aluminum capacitors to achieve. At the same time, these advanced surface-mount capacitors provide high capacitance values with a more rugged construction and production capability than alternative solutions, which are more susceptible to thermal and mechanical shock.

For more information, visit www.avx.com.

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