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NF-Series IGBT Allows Operation at Higher Case Temperatures with Lower Losses

NF-Series IGBT Allows Operation at Higher Case Temperatures with Lower Losses

Utilizing a 5th generation CSTBT (Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor) chip, the Powerex NF-Series IGBT is a cut above the competition. Compared to equivalent competitor devices, this design offers a technological breakthrough that allows operation at higher case temperatures with lower losses. As a result, the customer has a choice of two beneficial options. First, by using a higher rated Powerex NF IGBT, an increase in reliability will be achieved. A second option available to customers involves using a lower rated NF-Series IGBT that not only matches the reliability of competitors’ higher rated devices but, at the same time, also offers a cost savings.

Product ratings and Characteristics –
NF-Series rating options include: 600V duals from 150A to 600A and 1200V duals from 100A to 600A. The NF-Series package is compatible with Powerex H-Series IGBTs with no changes needed to the bus bar or heatsink. NF-Series IGBTs also feature U-Series package technology for low inductance and low thermal impedance.

Applications –
NF-Series IGBTs are designed for use in motor drives, UPS, welders, servo drives, fuel cell inverters and MRI power supplies.

For more information on NF-Series, contact Powerex Applications Support team at 1-800-451-1415. Information on other Powerex products is available online at www.pwrx.com.

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