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New Name Reflects Change for Power-Supply Vendor

In adopting the name XP Power, power-supply specialist XP plc and other XP companies in Europe acknowledge their full integration with XPiQ and XP ForeSight in the United States. From its origins as a power-supply distributor, XP Power has evolved into a company that develops and produces its own ac-dc and dc-dc power-supply products, which it has been doing since 2001.

The company recently launched a 240-page product guide describing its standard product portfolio of ac-dc power supplies; wall plug and desktop power supplies; dc-dc converters; DIN rail power supplies; and UPS and component-based power modules. In addition, the vendor just introduced its fleXPower Series of modular configurable power supplies.

The fleXPower Series features a 400-W to 1100-W chassis (stackable up to 2200 W per system) that can be assembled with various ac-dc and dc-dc converter modules to create a multioutput power supply. Output modules deliver 3.3-V to 60-V supplies at 200 W and 300 W. These outputs may be series connected for up to 150-Vdc output or paralleled for up to 240-A output. The company offers 24-hr sample delivery on these products.

XP Power has recorded more than $125 million in revenue with more than 50% of the company’s sales coming from XP branded products or customized power solutions in 2004. With its approximately 250 employees, the company maintains 27 sales offices and multiple design centers in various worldwide locations. XP Power employs a virtual manufacturing model, working with contract manufacturing partners in Shenzhen, China and Taiwan. The company counts more than 8000 customers worldwide with 25% of its market share in its U.K. home market and a small but fast-growing market share in continental Europe. The U.S. and Asia account for some 60% of group turnover.

The company’s business is segmented along four key sectors. Approximately half of the company’s sales are in the industrial market with the balance divided among the communications, medical, and military/aerospace markets.

For more information, visit www.xppower.com.

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