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New Member to Join Point-of-Load Alliance (POLA)

Texas Instruments (TI) and Ericsson Power Modules AB have announced plans to further advance development of pin-compatible, non-isolated, point-of -load plug-in power modules and provide a solid second source based on standardized leading technology.

Ericsson Power Modules plans to become the newest member of the Point-of-Load Alliance (POLA), an alliance formed by TI, Emerson's Astec Power and Artesyn Technologies in 2003. Designed to offer customers pin-compatible footprints that provide the same functionality and form factors, members of the POLA alliance manufacture products with the same electrical designs to ensure full interoperability and true second sourcing.

The first generation of POLA plug-in power modules, available in volume production, is based on the PTHxx series with Auto-Track sequencing, introduced by TI in May 2003. Artesyn introduced its new PTH modules in November, and Emerson's Astec Power announced its plan to offer its ATH power modules earlier this year. Pin-compatible POLA modules from Ericsson Power Modules are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2004.

For more information, visit www.ti.com.

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