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New ISA Edition Describes Successful Instrumentation and Control Design Process

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has published a new edition of its popular technical book, Successful Instrumentation and Control Systems Design, Second Edition, by Michael D. Whitt.

As automation systems, worth nearly $65 billion, near the end of their traditional life cycle, the necessity to understand the design process has never been more critical to engineers, technicians and managers. The latest edition of Successful Instrumentation and Control Systems Design will help to achieve that understanding.

This edition delves into the business of design engineering and describes the ideal design package. It provides a roadmap to understanding the design process, which includes elements of a successful project, what specific issues to address and the engineering products that enable a successful practical design and maintenance plan.

The second edition presents a major revision to the first by introducing the concept of Integrated Control Systems (ICS). It includes chapters on Control Systems Integrator (CSI) and Control Panel Fabricator (CPF); and describes the interplay between them and the electrical and instrumentation and controls (I&C) engineer. Several sections have been added to give the reader more tools for managing projects or for anticipating the needs of the project manager. Some of the techniques for leading and participating in project meetings are presented from the viewpoint of turning potential time-wasters into time-savers. A bonus CD-ROM is included with new updates and figures.

Michael D. Whitt's experience includes 15 years with Raytheon Engineers and Constructors in the I&C department, first as an I&C supervisor and later as a lead systems integrator. He spent six years with Mesa Associates, Inc., as I&C department manager where he was responsible for instrumentation engineering and design, systems integration and panel fabrication groups and, an additional five years at Mesa, as a program manager for integrated control systems.

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