Power Electronics

New Cell Size Added to Product Line

Panasonic has introduced a "C" size to the NiMH H-Type product line. The HHR300CH is superior to standard NiMH product in applications that utilize a low-rate charge at high temperatures. Improvements were made to the elements of existing NiMH cells (the negative plate alloy, separator fiber density and a new electrolyte composition) to improve performance. Superior long-life characteristics can be achieved when combined with appropriate intermittent charge control circuitry. The intermittent charge consumes 1/30th the electricity compared to trickle charge, and more than doubles the expected life of the NiMH cells compared to NiCd cells that have been trickle charged.

The HHR300CH features a higher capacity in a smaller size and lighter weight than other battery back-up solutions, efficient charging at high temperatures (up to 60°C) and an 8- to 10-yr expected life when used with the proper charge control circuitry.

For more information, visit www.panasonic.com/batteries.

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