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New Barrier Strip Features High-density Contacts

New Barrier Strip Features High-density Contacts

Tyco Electronics has introduced high-density dual-barrier strips with 0.250-in. centerline contacts. The new BUCHANAN brand product is designed for PCB-mounted power applications in a wide range of industries. Uses for this product include industrial controls, power supplies, HVAC, test equipment and telecom hardware. High-density dual-barrier strips accept 30 AWG to 16 AWG solid or stranded copper wire and are rated for up to 10 A at 300 Vac/Vdc. The molded-to-length product is available in a range from 2-position versions to 30-position versions. The 0.250” Centerline High-Density Dual-Barrier Strips are priced at $1.26 per piece at the 5000-piece quantities for a 10-position strip.

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