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New 240 W AC/DC Power Supply

New 240 W AC/DC Power Supply

The new DAT240 Series, a four-channel ac/dc power supply delivers two low voltage, high current outputs of 50 A each from voltages as low as 1.5 V. Its compact design is ideal for 1U (1.75 in.) requirements including datacom and telecom applications, which require a low-profile and small-footprint design. At 7 in. long, 4.5 in. wide and a 1.35-in. height, the DAT240 offers a high power density of 5.6 W/cu in.

This new series features active current sharing on four outputs for N + 1 applications. Its four-outputs consist of two dedicated channels for supporting low voltage 1.5 V to 3.3 V outputs at a high current of 50 A per channel. To power analog circuitry or fans, the remaining two channels provide 5 V at 5 A and 12 V at 4 A. Six different models are available with varying combinations of low voltage, high current outputs. This Series also features over-temperature shutdown, over-load and under-voltage protection along with power fail and global output good signals.

The DAT240 has international safety approvals, CE Mark and meets EMI Class B regulations and input surge requirements. Pricing for 1,000 pieces is $275. Small quantities are available from stock. Lead time for production orders is 8-10 weeks ARO.

For more information on XPiQ’s products, visit www.xp-iq.com.

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