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National Semiconductor Launches Analog University Online

National Semiconductor Corp. recently launched Analog University, the industry’s first online educational resources devoted entirely to analog semiconductor technologies. Designed to meet the information needs of novice, mid-career and experienced design engineers, Analog University is a no-cost online tool created to give designers fast access to technical information and training so they can solve real-world semiconductor applications issues in the shortest possible time.

In addition to Analog University, National introduced Knowledge Base, a new online tool featuring the semiconductor industry’s most powerful natural language search engine. Knowledge Base lets engineers to sift through vast amounts of technical resources on National’s Web Site and generates highly targeted results within one to two seconds.

National’s Analog University features beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes in eight different technologies: amplifiers, audio, data conversion, displays, low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), power management, thermal management, and wireless.

All Analog University classes are interactive multimedia learning experiences focused on the latest in-depth techniques for designing new products with National’s analog components. Each class module is built around a lesson plan designed by one or more of the 16 expert National engineers who form the university’s first faculty. Most lessons begin with a 1 hr. online streaming media seminar. Students may access new live seminars or choose among 22 archived seminars presented by faculty member engineers.

After the introductory seminar, each Analog University course progresses through interactive reading and research assignments. Courses also feature links to relevant materials, including data sheets, applications notes, Knowledge Base, and WEBENCH™ design simulation tools. Students move through the self-paced coursework and finish each lesson with an interactive multiple-choice computer-graded quiz. If students miss a question, they are directed to related reading resources. Once students pass the quizzes, they receive an online certificate of completion for the course.

For more information on Analog University, visit www.national.com.

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