National Electrical Code looks at EVs

Though electric vehicles are relatively new on the scene, the National Electrical Code has incorporated rules about their safe use as far back as the 1990s, when the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsored an article on EVs that became Article 625. That measure was introduced in the 1996 edition of the NEC, and there continue to be updates, primarily covering new terminology and provisions to use EVs as a source of power for premises wiring systems.

In that regard, NFPA’s Standards Council recently issued two Tentative Interim Amendments to Article 625 in the 2011 NEC. They primarily address the charging equipment that will be used to recharge EV batteries, and the electrical loads they'll power.

The two measures are actually short and sweet. You can view them here for free:

The two proposals will be part of Article 625, the portion of the NEC applying to EVs. The NEC in its entirety can be viewed at, though you will need a subscription to do so. However, the NFPA allows one free online look at the Code.

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