Power Electronics

Multiple Lamp Ballast System

Warner Power’s multiple lamp ballast system, named the MULTI-ARC™, is a versatile, customized solution for especially large systems requiring multiple lamps per power source. Its unique patent pending 2- and 3-phase design controls amalgam and high-power lamps in the 24-W to 2000-W range. The cost savings can be substantial, when compared with a single-ballast-per-lamp system.

The MULTI-ARC is especially suitable for controlling massive multilamp arrays, such as stadium lighting, outdoor architectural sound-and-light displays, theatrical stage and amphitheater performances, indoor and outdoor movie sets, ultraviolet and germicidal applications, and sophisticated lighting systems for surgical theaters.

A major attraction of this multiple-lamps-per-ballast board design is outstanding efficiency. The MULTI-ARC system logs in efficiency ratings greater than 95%. Requiring fewer electronic components than less efficient models, MULTI-ARC operates with lower electromagnetic disturbance and lower power and heat loss. Up to 5 kW of total output is achievable on each power supply board. A central dimming port is also available. In addition, it will operate in ambient temperature ranges from 0° to 130°F.

The MULTI-ARC concept gives users the additional design option of having an open motherboard system, or having the system elements contained in a convenient enclosure for easy installation and service. This box system is identified as the MULTI-ARC Power Center.

For more information, visit www.warnerpower.com.

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