Power Electronics

Multiphase PWM Controller

Intersil Corp.'s new Endura ISL6564 is a 4-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller. This 6-bit VID (voltage identification) controller deliverslowest VID voltage range, tightest phase balance, most-precise voltage regulation, only self-clocked VID (no external clock required), output current indicator, and many more features that improve performance, save space and reduce costs.

While the ISL6564 is ready to power next-generation CPUs in computing systems, it is also positioned well to service other markets such as embedded computing, large-scale ASICs and FPGAs and other point-of-load needs. Its full range of integrated features, use of up to four phases and a choice of either lower-MOSFET RDS(ON) or inductor DC resistance (DCR) current sensing make the ISL6564 the most flexible controller that brings high performance to a very wide range of applications where high-current voltage conversion and regulation is required.

The ISL6564 multiphase PWM controller, combined with Intersil HIP660XB or ISL661X MOSFET drivers or Intersil ISL6571 integrated power stages, forms a complete high-performance, high-current power solution that provides high power efficiency and cost savings. The ISL6564 greatly simplifies power design by being compatible not only with Intersil MOSFET drivers, but with integrated power stages (MOSFET driver and MOSFETs in one chip). With a switching frequency range up to 1.5 MHz per phase, an ISL6564-based voltage regulator requires fewer components and less PCB area in dc-dc converter applications.

For more information, visit www.intersil.com.

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